Company profile

Revolux was established in Luxembourg in 1994.

  • Revolux is supplier of the IDEP/CN8 Project Management Support, Help-Desk and Maintenance team. Until 2002 for EUROSTAT and since then directly for the National Statistical Offices of Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal and Austria. During the 14 years the project is now running the team's responsibilities have increased significantly.

  • Revolux designed and developed the IDEP/CN8 for Windows package. A data-entry package for INTRASTAT declarations with more than 60.000 users world-wide. This application is now also available as a web form called IDEP.WEB

  • In the Industrial IT area, Revolux currently provides services for the design and implementation of critical Production Systems to the British / Dutch Steel Group Tata/Corus.

  • Revolux is supplier of statistical services for EUROSTAT in the area of Health, Safety and Housing statistics.

  • Revolux has been the supplier for the execution and successful completion of several studies for EUROSTAT.

  • Revolux is already well established in Luxembourg, with office facilities in close proximity to the Commission buildings and all necessary infrastructure already in place.

  • Revolux has proven its flexibility in adapting to evolving requirements of Commission services.

  • has broad experience in providing high quality personnel internationally and ensures their suitability, experience and qualifications for their assignments. Also its excellent contacts with other service provider companies, enable Revolux to draw from a large reservoir of human resources.

  • Revolux offers security in terms of provision of back-up resources and technical expertise, especially in fast-growing areas such as Internet technology and information exchange standards like XML.

  • In Revolux’ view, quality of products and services means delivering on time what a client expects to receive. The client should at any time be fully informed about the progress of his project and the status of products and services.

  • Revolux speaks Dutch, English, French, German and Luxembourgish. On top of that, we have experience in developing multi lingual applications in all EU- languages, including Greek,